CV Check Valve

CV Check Valve

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CV Check Valve

Aceco Model CV Check Valve is a swing type valve designed for high-pressure oil, gas, water and other oilfield operations. The clapper is held to the closed position by a spring but will swing up and out of the flow path, allowing full port passage through the valve. Aceco offers nominal sizes 1" to 10" in working pressures to 15,000 psi.

All Model CV check valves feature a compact, space saving design, for offshore platforms where space is at a premium. The CV also weighs up to 70% less than conventional flanged check valves.

The CV is a good replacement valve since no change in flowline spacing or flange replacement is required -- dimensions and bolt patterns are the same as similar compact valves.

We leverage our deep experience in the valve world to deliver the best quality and most modern engineering techniquesavailable in order to deliver the highest caliber valves in the industry.

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