BV1 Floating Ball Valve

BV1 Ball Valve

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BV1 Floating Ball Valve

The Model BV1 manifold ball valve provides advanced design, high quality materials and superior craftsmanship for cost effective operation and durability. The valve body, bonnet and end connections are constructed of carbon and/or alloy steel, while seats are made of Acetyl Copolymer. This ensures high strength operation and durability. A stem lubrication fitting and seal keeps corrosion to a minimum and further extends operating life.

You get reduced cost with Aceco's BV1 because the weight is 70% lower and the size is 60% less than conventional ball valves. And since the bonnet and stem are removable while the valve is in the line, lower maintenance costs and downtime result when replacing stem and bonnet seals.

End connections are designed to be welded directly into the line with no other fittings required. Also, metal-to-metal face seals at the body connection with secondary O-ring seals assure leak proof end connections.

The BV1 is designed to be a reliable replacement valve as well, with similar end-to-end valve dimensions and bolt patterns. There's no need to alter flowline spacing or replace end flanges with the BV1.

We leverage our deep experience in the valve world to deliver the best quality and most modern engineering techniques available in order to deliver the highest caliber valves in the industry.

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